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    Add.: 349.Fengxiang East
      Rd.Tongxiang, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, China.
    P.C.: 314500
    Tel: 86-573-88081238
    Fax: 86-573-88080638
    Email: jschen@essor.com.tw
    Depending on the requirement of transmission industry, Essor Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd. has been a solution provider to establish specialized worm and wheel production plant to offer individual solution of high accuracy cylindrical worm and wheel units for escalators, elevators and dual lead cylindrical worm and wheel units for CNC rotary tables and heliostats for solar sun-tracker systems. The customers are including Siemens, etc..  

    Our supply of worms and wheels and our reliability as partners of customers ensures that we offer the most important parts in their need for transmission systems. High quality and customer satisfied services are the crucial factors to our success.

    Honesty, excellence, innovations and team work are the core essence of the company. We will continue to keep our commitments to offer high quality products and excellent services to all our customers.

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    Tel:86-573-88081238 Fax:86-573-88080638 E-mail:sales@essor-cn.com
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